Psychotherapist. Coach. Consultant.

Working With Me

Individual Therapy

If you are struggling in your relationship or have anxiety, depression or addiction of any sort,

I Can Help.

Perhaps you find yourself stuck or feeling like you don’t know where to turn,

I Can Help.

I work with individuals, like yourself, to create a life of happiness, freedom and authenticity by providing the guidance, support and practical feedback to help resolve current challenges or long standing issues.

I will create an open space for you to feel safe to freely share your pain and longing, and discover the resolutions to live the life you deserve.

This is where the magic happens

Teacher, age 28

I would recommend Laura to others. She is easy to talk to and respected the pace that I needed to move. Laura has helped me gain a better understanding of myself. She has given me the tools to make positive changes in my life.

Professional Athlete

Couples Therapy and Coaching

Do you find your relationship filled with loneliness and silence? Or do you and your partner argue, blame each other while never finding a lasting solution to your problems?  Has your relationship been shattered by addiction or infidelity?

I Can Help.

Our focus, during the course of your therapy/coaching, will help you and your significant other connect in a deeper, more intimate way.  I will teach you how to break the “cycle of negativity” and to heal the wounds of your relationship.  When a couple, like yourselves, is connected, you feel safe, passionate, and unbreakable.

After working with Laura, I am able to communicate more clearly and honestly with my partner.

Photographer, age 36

Small and Family Owned Business Consulting

Businesses can find themselves locked in a cycle of poor morale and negativity. Employees can cross boundaries and make work a low priority. Productivity suffers when people aren’t working together.

I Can Help.

Small businesses, while essential to thriving communities, bring a unique set of issues to the business table.  Often, they are family owned and family employees may struggle with the line between their roles both as family member and employee. It is not uncommon for family employees to take on too many responsibilities which can lead to frustration and resentment.

Communication and boundary setting are key. Using the most effective communication strategies I work with businesses to ensure greater productivity and profitability.

Laura made me more aware of the impact of my behaviors on others and helped me to be a more effective communicator and leader.

Executive, age 58

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