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Get the funk out

I’ve noticed that lots of people are in a funk, not the “I can’t get out of bed feeling,” but rather feeling overall “blah.” I noticed myself feeling out of sorts, too. I wondered if it was the detox that I was doing. Kitchari, soup, and smoothies may be leading me to fulfillment, but they certainly didn’t feel like the path to excitement.  However, many of my clients have also complained about this same general malaise. They wondered if it was the weather or time of year.  I was perplexed by the  number of people who came into my office with the same feeling.  What could it be?

Upon reflection and a few great conversations, I came to the conclusion that it was not what I was eating or the weather or time of year.  It had more to do with what was surrounding all of us: negativity.  It is impossible to go on the internet, watch T.V., or pick up a magazine without being bombarded with the negativity of the presidential campaign.  The hate and the energy that it kicks up can be overpowering and hard to overcome.explosion

I used to think that I was immune to all of the political negativity.  After all, I was a detoxing, meditating, energy working. I am a strong woman.  Certainly, a few nasty comments couldn’t hurt me.  I felt like I had built an arsenal of defense against any bad juju taking away my serenity. I was wrong. I just couldn’t escape it and decided that I needed to do something if I to maintain my sense of equilibrium.


Below are 3 things that I do to cope.  They are easy and can be done throughout your day.

1.I have incorporated some Kundalini yoga into my day.  It is a powerful form of yoga that taps into your energy body.  It is not just about asanas; you also do very cool mantras that lead  to feelings of peace and calm.  You can learn it on Yogaglo or  YouTube.

2.I’ve begun to walk in nature.  The earth’s energy is both grounding and uplifting.

3.I have started turning off the T.V. and stopped reading political Facebook posts.  I remember when who you voted for was a secret. Hence the term “secret ballot.” I want to get back to that!

Why get my feathers in a ruffle?  It’s far better not to see it, and it certainly added to my sense of well-being.

Let me know what you do to avoid the campaign negativity.  I don’t think it will be over after the 8th.  However, it’s better to have energetic protection than to be caught in this vortex of doom.


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  1. Love the walk in nature or just a walk with my dogs! Listening to music (especially live music) makes me happy and can uplift my mood as long as it’s an uplifting song!

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