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6 Tips to overcome the over scheduling blues

People will often say, “I am so damn tired.”  I can’t even count the number of times people come to see me and open the session with that complaint.  They are exhausted and can’t put one more thing on their plate, and yet, they do.  Unfortunately, this need for perfection and over scheduling has made us into a nation of zombies.  Many of us suffer from a lack of self-care and are basically too exhausted to  really take care of ourselves. Our society has created a lifestyle that is demanding but not necessarily all that fulfilling.


We are yawners, not because we are boring, but rather, because we are over scheduled and sleep deprived.shutterstock_367741853


The pressure is on us at work, home, and now we have the addition of the internet which often influences a large part of our lives.  It is mind boggling that we were able to raise children before mommy blogs. I don’t even want to begin to write about Facebook, email and twitter.  The barrage of information that comes our way can often be overwhelming, and we are rarely aware of how it is affecting us and our stress levels.  


Here are 6 tips to overcome the over scheduling blues

  1. Set boundaries – You don’t have to say yes to everything.  Yes, people will be disappointed, but they won’t hate you (and if they do, who cares?).  Check what you can and cannot do before you start to say yes.  The powerful, “let me check and get back to you,” can save you a world of headaches.


  1. (You better sit down for this one).  You don’t have to attend EVERY ONE of your child’s or grandchild’s activities. –  (Are you still with me?)  It’s ok to not show up every time your child is participating in something.  It doesn’t make you a bad parent, and it won’t ruin your child’s self-esteem.  It is better to be a rested, fully engaged parent, than one who is only partially there.


  1. Deal with emotions –  Yes, emotions make you tired.  If you are feeling unhappy or depressed, that can lead to a lack of energy.  Repressed emotions can also lead to fatigue.  It takes a great deal of energy to not acknowledge and deal with how we are truly feeling.  Start to deal with those things that you would rather not deal with, and you could gain a ton of energy back.


  1. Set priorities – What are the things that absolutely, positively have to be done today?  Give yourself 3 things to accomplish, and move everything else to the next day.  Do this exercise every day, and you will get more accomplished and feel less exhausted.


  1.  Give yourself a break –  You don’t need to get everything done.  Let some things slide. I am always struck by the fact that houses and things remain long after the owner has passed away. Let it go, there’s always tomorrow.


  1. Get some sleep – The need for sleep and space is essential for our mental and physical health.  Start paying attention to what you are doing with yourself every day.  Start to focus more on the relaxing and less on the doing.  You may find yourself thriving instead of surviving.


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