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Making Christmas Great Again.

2016 has proven to be the year of the outlier.  Donald Trump was elected president when many thought that he didn’t have an ice cube’s chance in hell. He was victorious because he wasn’t like everybody else.  You may agree or disagree with his politics, but you can’t deny- there’s something new in Washington DC and things will never be the same.Christmas Tree 30Rock

In the spirit of the 2016 election, I think it’s time to make Christmas different.  I can’t tell you how many people I’ve spoken to who complain about how stressed they are this season.  You know, they’re  wrapped up (no pun intended) in all the traditions.  The things that they “MUST” do, or it just isn’t Christmas.

For many of us, we’re like addicts trying to capture our first high.  We want to relive the Christmas’ of our past.  When it really “felt” like Christmas.  There was no stress, no pressure and certainly no anxiety about making it all perfect.  We were simply in the moment and the wonder of the season was at our fingertips.  

It’s impossible to recapture the magic of the past and our children won’t be scarred because of it. Folks want to remake the Christmas’ of their childhood for their own children. There is nothing wrong with that sentiment.  IF you don’t need to kill yourself in the process.  I propose starting new, easier traditions to replace the old.  Enjoy more moments and have a more fulfilling holiday season.

Here are three tips for a better and more manageable holiday

  1. Limit gift-giving– Buy three gifts and give the rest in gift cards. Takes the stress off of you and they can buy what they want.

      2. Don’t make, buy –  Don’t spend hours baking and cooking.  Decide what is affordable to buy and do it.  Homemade              is not best, if you have done nothing but stress about it.

  1. Time–  Give yourself the gift of time.  Make time to spend with your loved ones.  There’s no money involved and they will always have that memory.  Build a fire, make hot chocolate and watch White Christmas. Just remember to create a memory with the ones you love.        Please share this post!  Merry Christmas!

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