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My 5 strategies to survive adult ADHD

I have a dirty little secret.  Perhaps it is not that dirty or even that much of a secret. I have ADHD. Yes, now I admitted it in print. I am an adult who can leave a room looking like Pig Pen has set up residence. It is a source of comedy and shame for […]

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Do You Have the “Disease to Please?”

There is a growing epidemic called the “disease to please.”  I have diagnosed it for years but lately, I’ve seen a surge in those who suffer from it.  Men have the disease, but  women seem to develop it in greater numbers. What is this disease, exactly?  It is when you put the needs and desires […]

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Want to Know Where Your Life is Going? 3 Tips to Get You Started

We all struggle with the question of purpose: Why do we exist? Why did we come into the world?  How can we make a difference?  Can we be a service, yet still be happy with our lives?  These are questions that haunt us, and yet the answers lie not in acquiring things or even information. […]

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