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6 Tips to overcome the over scheduling blues

People will often say, “I am so damn tired.”  I can’t even count the number of times people come to see me and open the session with that complaint.  They are exhausted and can’t put one more thing on their plate, and yet, they do.  Unfortunately, this need for perfection and over scheduling has made […]

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You could be dead wrong

In this political season, I have started to think about labels.  You know, democrat, liberal, conservative, republican, and so forth. Perhaps you are one or the other. Perhaps you are neither.  It seems to be human nature to label things.  It keeps everything and everyone in its place. Our brains crave order, and labeling can […]

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My 5 strategies to survive adult ADHD

I have a dirty little secret.  Perhaps it is not that dirty or even that much of a secret. I have ADHD. Yes, now I admitted it in print. I am an adult who can leave a room looking like Pig Pen has set up residence. It is a source of comedy and shame for […]

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