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Are we angry or just scared to death?

Are we angry as a nation, or has the 2016 election just made us feel like we are?  So many people in the media have talked about people feeling marginalized and forgotten.  Personally and professionally, I can vouch for the fact that people are angry on both sides of the political landscape. They don’t feel […]

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Get the funk out

I’ve noticed that lots of people are in a funk, not the “I can’t get out of bed feeling,” but rather feeling overall “blah.” I noticed myself feeling out of sorts, too. I wondered if it was the detox that I was doing. Kitchari, soup, and smoothies may be leading me to fulfillment, but they […]

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Do you keep seeking approval?

In the middle of a beautiful fall day, I could not stop thinking about our need for approval.  Some people spend months, years, a lifetime, looking for someone else to approve of them and tell them that they’re ok.  I had a friend who would jokingly say, “How am I doing?” It was supposed to […]

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