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3 simple steps to get you out of fear jail

Now, there are real situations and people to be afraid of.  If someone can cause you bodily harm, that is something to fear. Unfortunately, we also have emotional fear, money fear, and fear of not being good enough.  We fear speaking, death, taxes, and the unknown.  The problem is not so much that you have […]

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Make choices as if your life depended on it…because it does.

In the movie, “Freaky Friday”, the psychologist mother drops her daughter off at school ending her good-bye with the words, “make good choices.”  The adolescent daughter rolls her eyes. What else can she do?  She thinks her mom’s an idiot. The other thing is, “how do you make good choices?”  We don’t have a crystal […]

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Is silence being used against you?

Silence is my favorite theme of the holiday season.  This time of year is filled with silence. We are reminded of it in the songs that we sing, ”silent night…holy night.” Silence fills the air in the darkness of the winter evenings that envelope us with their ebony cloak.  I dare anyone to walk in […]

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